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A BalanceBall and Ergonomic Desk Chair in One

Healthy, proactive sitting improves posture and reduces fatigue. This sleek ergonomic WorkSpace Chair — developed with a licensed chiropractor — aligns your body, relieves tension and keeps your energy moving.

This back-conditioning tool promote a stronger, healthier back and better quality of life.

Four in five Americans will suffer back pain — but it is preventable. Designed by health and fitness experts, the WorkSpace Chair can help build a healthier back, relieve pain and improve your overall well being.

The ball that comes with this chair is 52cm. Assembly is required; the back must be screwed into the base and the wheels must be popped in. Assembly is easy. The chair comes with 2 locking casters and 2 regular ones. The locking casters go on the back of the chair.

The height of the back of the chair is 2½ feet tall. The base measures 20" wide from one side of the wheels to the other.

Weight Limit: Up to 300 pounds.


The Program guide designed by Randy Weinzoff, DC. includes, WorkSpace Chair Frame, ball, and guide. Chair frame is on castors for easy movement and weighs 9 lbs. No tools required for assembly.

Note that a new ball will not be able to inflate to its full capacity initially. After a few hours, the ball will be more pliable and you can add more air at that time. If you have further questions, please contact us here.

Case Dimensions: 22 x 8-3/4 x 26
Weight: 11.2lbs.